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Popular Common 10 Paragraph For College & School Education BD

Popular Common 10 Paragraph For College & School Education (BD) Bangladesh

Collection by: Abu Hossain Chowdhury

Womens Contribution to Society

Woman is an important part of the world. But woman is not given so much privilege, as she needs to express herself. However, the role of women in nation building cannot be denied any more in the context of present reality of the world. It is not possible for any nation to get to goal without allowing women to Popular Common 10 Paragraph For College & School Education BDplay an active role. There was a time when women were looked upon without any dignity and honour. They were mere instruments to serve the family affairs. But with the progress of civilisation, the outlook and the attitude of the world towards women have changed. This is true not only for the western countries but also for the Islamic countries as well. And Bangladesh is not an exception to this. It may be safely asserted that the development of a nation depends on the women-folk too. A number of women in our country are working in different garment factories. By working in the factory they earn their livelihood and maintain their family. There are also many women who are working in government and nongovernment offices with their professionals nowadays. They are working and earning a lot not only for supporting their own family but also for contributing to the whole development of our country. The women of Bangladesh are developing themselves in every stage of life. They are now more conscious, serious and professional. They are getting educated as well as preparing themselves for competing with the male. The women are now enjoying their fundamental rights. But it is a matter of great regret that a number of women in both villages and towns in our country have to face a lot of social and religious bindings. But according to Islam both men and women should be given equal rights. So, government as well as the educated circle of our population should come forward to establish the rights of the women so that they can actively take part in nation building. Thinking women‘s contribution to society, our national and rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam uttered, What are great in this world, half has been done by woman half by man.

Popular Common 10 Paragraph For College & School Education (BD) Bangladesh

Female Education

Female education is very essential for the overall development of a nation. More or less half of the population of a country is female. Leaving the female uneducated and unemployed, no nation can prosper. That‘s why female education has been a crying need of the day. Once women were confined within the four walls of the house and were used to doing only household chores. At that time, they were deprived of the light of education because of the prejudice, unconsciousness, superstition, social backwardness, prejudiced outlook, social barrier, obstacle by the fundamentalists and so on. But now it has changed a lot and women are getting educated gradually. In our country about 7 crore people are women out of 14 crore in total. But most of the women are lagging far behind in education. The rate of female literacy is about 20%. This rate of female literacy is alarming because without their education, our satisfactory development is impossible. Napoleon Bonaparte said, ―Give me an educated mother and I will give you an educated nation‖. From this line we can easily realise the importance of female education. Women need to be educated for different reasons. To be a conscious citizen of the country, to be an active member of the family and society, to be a good mother or wife and to lead a self-reliant better life, a woman should be educated properly. Besides, educated women have higher income potential than those who have had no schooling. Many people consider women inferior to men. But it is their wrong concept. Except the biological difference, a girl has every capacity to work and to achieve high position in life as a man can. An educated woman is conscious of her duties, rights and responsibilities. So, we should take every necessary step to ensure an environment to educate our female force. Parents ought to be encouraged to send their daughters to school. The govt. and NGO‘s should patronise the education for girls in order that they can be educated and can play a vital role in the development of our country.

Sports and Entertainment

Sports and entertainment are very often regarded as a means of keeping good health and leading a sound life. None can keep his body and mind sound without them. Among different types of outdoor sports, cricket and football are very popular. Nowadays these have become very popular with the young generations all over the world. Again out of different indoor sports, hadudu, gollasut, dariabadha, kanamachhi, jump, race and volleyball are noteworthy. Most of the sports require quick movement of the limbs. This helps blood-circulation and makes the body strong and healthy. Sports have certain rules that the participants have to abide by. Thus through games and sports people learn discipline that is very essential for practical life. So, sports are very beneficial in different ways. Different people like different sports. I like football best. Cricket seems to me lengthy and time-killing though it is interesting. Games and sports give us opportunities to meet many people of different countries. The sports venue becomes a meeting place of miscellaneous people. When people of different nations get together on the occasion of an international sporting event, they come closer to each other sharing views and opinions and thus they can make friendship as well as develop the sense of international brotherhood. However, except games and sports there are other types of entertainment though there have been significant changes in the types of entertainment over time. Snake charming, puppet show, jatragan, jarigan, sharigan and kabigan have lost their appeal to some extent. Radio, television, cinema, band and pop music, internet, videogame, mobilevision etc. are some leading sources of entertainment in modern time. From all these sources we get a lot of pleasures. As sports and entertainment make our body and mind fit for work, we should regularly enjoy sports and entertainment.

Popular Common 10 Paragraph For College & School Education (BD) Bangladesh


Illiteracy means the state of being unable to read and write. It is a curse to any society because illiterate people cannot differentiate between right and wrong and so they cannot contribute to the development and welfare of the community. People being educated can go ahead to the right path and can lead a country to progress and prosperity. To give emphasis on literacy, the Prophet Mohammad (SM) equated one literate non-believer with ten illiterate believers. As education makes a man enlightened, illiterate people are deprived of the light of education. So, most often illiterate people cannot rectify themselves, cannot change their mentality and obsolete harmful habits, cannot adapt with the new and modern thoughts, cannot accept the positive social changes, cannot think all equal, cannot develop the sense of universal brotherhood and so on. That‘s why, illiteracy is often called a curse. It is a great impediment to the process of social development. It baffles all development efforts. It gives rise to poverty, unemployment problem, population problem, health and sanitation problem etc. It is compared to darkness. So, an illiterate man is always in the dark and is considered a burden to the society. On the contrary, an educated man is often enlightened and is considered a great asset to the country. He can do many things for the welfare of the country. And for these reasons, illiteracy should be annihilated. It is the responsibility of the literate people to make the illiterate literate and remove the darkness of ignorance from the country. We know that the concerted efforts of the literate and illiterate people can make a country developed. To remove illiteracy, the govt. must budget for the campaign of eradicating illiteracy. Night schools and mass literacy centers should be established at every village. Mass media like radio, television and newspaper can take some initiatives and effective programmes to educate the illiterate. In this way, if we can eradicate illiteracy from our society, we will be able to make ours a prosperous country.

Popular Common 10 Paragraph For College & School Education (BD) Bangladesh


Poverty means the state in which man cannot meet up the fundamental needs of life. There are many causes of poverty. Illiteracy is the main cause of remaining poor. Superstition, early-marriage, overpopulation, scarcity of work, unemployment, unconsciousness etc. are also responsible for poverty. Poverty crates a lot of problems. It is also the root cause of many misdeeds. Poverty-affected people cannot lead a decent life. They go without better clothes, shelter, medical care and education. At times some of them are compelled to beg from door to door and from man to man. Begging is not a job and it is very disgraceful in the society. But some poor people instead of begging go on stealing, robbing, snatching and hijacking. They are treated as miscreants and terrorists. All these are the outcome of poverty. So, poverty alleviation is a must for establishing peace in a state. In our country most of the people are poor. They live below poverty line. They earn a little to keep body and soul together. Again many of them are involved in some unethical and heinous activities. These should not be allowed to continue. If we want to stop all unethical activities and corruption, at first we have to eradicate poverty from our society. But how can we wipe out poverty? The first step that we can take up is the diversification of the economy. As ours is an agro-based economy, it is imperative to diversify our agricultural output. Besides, we have to go for non-agricultural diversification. In order to do so, we can move into labor-intensive industries, as labor is very cheap in our country. Population control is a must and various positive incentives may be offered for small planned families. Illiteracy ought to be eradicated. After all micro-credit should be provided among the poor on easy terms so that they can change their lots. These few steps will surely help in reducing poverty that has plagued us for decades. According to Dr. Yunus, a Nobel laureate for peace rightly said, ―If micro-credit were offered to all the poor people, poverty of all kinds would be sent to the museum.

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is considered the greatest physicist and scientist after Albert Einstein. He was born in 1942 in an educated family in the United States of America. He obtained his Ph.D. in Cosmology from Cambridge University by the time he was 26 years old. He got married in 1963. He was equally interested both in physics and mathematics from his boyhood. From an early age he was very skilled in mathematics. His book ―A brief history of Time: From the Big Bang to the Present Times‖ made him famous and established his reputation as a great scientist. He is also famous for his investigations into the origins of he universe. In this book he explains cosmology for the general public. At the age of 32 he received the prestigious Albert Einstein Award for theoretical physics. In 1979 he joined Cambridge University as Lucasian professor of mathematics. But this great scientist gradually started losing control over muscles of his body as gradually became a victim of Gehrig‘s disease. Since 1972 he has been confined to the wheelchair with no power to control his body except for some limited movement of his head and hands only. He can speak only through a computer with a voice synthesizer that converts his messages into sounds. Despite all these physical disabilities, he continues his research work as well as his delivering lectures by using his special type of computer. He lives with his wife and three daughters. An American organization provides him with twenty-four hour nursing facilities for his physical well being.

Popular Common 10 Paragraph For College & School Education (BD) Bangladesh

Acid Throwing

Acid throwing is one of the most heinous crimes. Nowadays it has become very rampant in our country. Almost everyday we find the news of acid throwing in all the newspapers of our country. If we want to find out the cause of acid throwing, we will have to inspect all possible and related topics for which acid throwing may occur. Frustrated lovers are involved in this evil deed. When they fail to win the heart of their beloved, they try to have revenge. Finding no other way of taking revenge, they throw acid on them. The effects of acid throwing are very detrimental. In most cases the victims succumb to injuries. And those who survive drag a very miserable and pathetic life. Either they are crippled or paralysed. The victims also look ugly because their appearance and body become deformed and very often they become inactive. Acid throwing is an inhuman and barbarous act. It turns a man into beast. This problem cannot be solved overnight. First of all law and order situation of the country should be improved. Law enforcing authorities should always remain alert. The criminals should be hard-heartedly dealt with. Exemplary punishment should be inflicted on the criminals. It‘s a matter of joy that government has already formulated a law for giving punishment to the acid throwers. Judicial system regarding the punishment of the criminals should be prompt because there goes a proverb that ―Justice delayed justice denied‖. More law and enforcing agencies should be employed at important points. Besides, those people who may throw acid should be provided with suitable jobs so that they can give up this repulsive criminal activity. Moreover, people of all walks of life should come forward to develop their morality. After all, mass media should come forward to make people conscious about this outrageous act, the pathetic effects and punishment of acid throwing in order that they can avoid this heinous job.


 Micro-credit is the term, which is related to banks, finance and economics of a country. It was first introduced by a banker named Professor Muhammad Yunus. Micro-credit is the process of giving short and long-term loan to the poor people. In the developed countries, people can get different types of huge loan from different financial organisations and even from the government. They can use that loan -money for their business purposes, for constructing their residential buildings, for buying a brand car and many more. But in the poor and developing countries like ours, we cannot get a huge amount of money from any financial organisation and even not from the government. Living in the third-world countries we cannot afford to run a big business nor can we execute an industry because most of us live below the poverty line. On the other hand, we can’t revive our cottage industries, small industries, handicrafts and our cultural products due to the lack of proper finance. That is why our national progress is retarded and not on the increase. In this case Grameen Banks and some other banks have come forward to take valiant and challenging steps for the development of our country. These banks give the poor the opportunity of microcredit for their own development. Proper steps are taken to ensure the best use of money lent to the poor. The system of lending money of micro-credit process is so flexible that people can pay money from their profit. So, this process has gained popularity in our country particularly in rural areas and it has been acclaimed by many western countries. They are now following the micro-credit system to alleviate poverty of their countries. So, with the micro-credit system, the poor can be able to lessen poverty and change their lots. Gradually they can develop and play a vital role in the economical development of the country.

Grameen Bank

A bank is a financial institution that provides people with money for their economic development as well as takes money from them as deposit. But the Grameen Bank not only provides money but also arranges training for the rural poor people. Most of the efficient banks are not willing to lend money to the poorer section of the society whereas the Grameen Bank gives loan to the poor and to the downtrodden. Dr. Yunus, professor of Economics Department in Chittagong University, is the pioneer of micro-credit and the founder and managing director of the Grameen Bank. In 1976 Professor Yunus began a research-work about poverty alleviation and later established the Grameen Bank to help the poor people. The project first started working in a village of Chittagong district. Afterwards the Government declared the Grameen Bank in 1983. Now there are a lot of branches of the Grameen Bank all over the country. This bank gives loan especially to the poor rural women. By proper using of that money, the poor women can change their lots. They can establish poultry firms and by selling eggs they can earn money to support the family. Before borrowing money the interested people are to make 5-6 groups of workers, each having five members. They should also have a centre, where the bank will work to give loans and receive payment of loans. Two or three thousand taka is given to each member to invest the money in a profitable business. People are to pay a small interest to the bank and are to follow certain rules and procedures of the bank. Besides giving loan and training, the bank also encourages the people to school their children, follow family planning etc. It cannot be denied that the Grameen Bank plays a vital role in alleviating poverty. Now many impoverished people coming above the poverty line are eating three square meals instead of one and are living with family members happily. To acknowledge this contribution, the Grameen Bank and Dr. Yunus recently have been awarded Nobel Peace Prize. It is undoubtedly a great achievement and a tremendous success in banking activities.

Bangladeshi Culture

Culture means idea, behaviour, norm, language, music, function and tradition of the society of a particular zone. A society‘s culture is made up of all of its ideas and ways of behaving. It also includes ways of working and playing, and the tools and other objects made and used by people in the society. As studying a person‘s repeated actions is a good way to find out about that person, studying the important patterns ofban entire society is a way to learn about the culture of that group. Patterns of behaviour and action vary from individual to individual, class to class, society to society and country to country. These differences  are referred to as cultural differences. What is an appropriate mode of behaviour in one culture might prove inappropriate or even rude in another culture. As an independent country, we have our own national identity and our own culture. Our culture is very healthy and affluent in all respects. Its root goes in the                                               long past. It has developed itself on the agriculture-based economy and in a charming way. People in Bangladesh are Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and some Christians. The major festivals are the two Eids of the Muslims, Durga Puja of the Hindus, Boudha Purnima of the Buddhists and the Christmas day of the Christians. Pahela Baishakh is the common festival day of all Bangalees irrespective of cast and creed.  .oods that we eat are very clean, tasteful and good for health. Rice, fish, meat, vegetables, milk, different  kinds of sweetmeats and delicious native fruits like mangoes, jackfruits, lichi, blackberry, banana, pi    neapple are our favourite foods. We speak Bengali and our literature is rich with Madhusudan Dutt, Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Farruk Ahmed, Sukanta Bhatracharja, Sunil Gangapadhaye etc. ll their writings have exposed our cultural identity. Apart from the patterns and styles of other cultures,

we have our own cultural dress, taste and music. We put on pajama, panjabi, lungi, dhuti, sari, blouse and

skirt. In our country we have many kinds of folk songs. Palligeeti, Lalongeeti, Bhatiali Bhawaiya,

Gambhira, Marfoti, Murshidi, Jarigan, Sharigan, Kabigan, Gonosangeet etc. Moreover, we enjoy snake

charming, puppet show, jatra, concert, cockfight, bullfighting, boat-racing etc. Besides these, Pahela

Baishakh celebration, Baishakhi Mela, Nabannaya are no less important sides of our cultural events.

Bangladeshi culture is different from other cultures of the world. The modes of life, behaviour patterns,

cultural functions are significant and they expose our national criteria. But these days we are getting

influenced by other cultures and so we are forgetting our own cultural events. But we can enjoy, express

our views and ideas and lead our life happily in our own way and through our native culture. However, we

are proud of our own culture.

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